Orgcomplexity Blog is coming to an end. Thank you.


It turns out that the past two years of blogging turned into my book!

If you have picked up the book, thank you so much. If not, what are you waiting for (wink)?

There are celebrities that announce a ‘retirement’ only to return to slog through yet another unnecessary sequel. As with all things in scholarship, there is evolution. I am not leaving systems! I am not leaving policy!

I am leaving behind the early and late nights of blogging.The blogging was only one element for working out my ideas. I have an undying respect for bloggers. We are a hearty stock!

I began to blog less and less. My followers often inquired about the decrease in frequency of the posts.

I still have journal articles to write. I am trying to work out my next book idea.

I am thankful that the support of this blog. Feedback has been overwhelming positive and affirming.


First, my book was the best intellectual pursuit that I suffered through with a grin on my face.

This blog reaffirmed my vision and my place within the intellectual policy and systems communities.

Perhaps more importantly, I found out that I could be comfortably open to scruitny.

I realized that I had someone of worth to say and dared to throw my weirdness out there.

Whether blogging was the best way to reach others is up for debate.

But my posts will live on. And many of you have purchased my book.

I am not disappearing. What will end are notices in your already cramped inbox from my Orgcomplexity Blog.

Keep me relevant. I am taking a huge chance by ending this blog.


Please follow me on Twitter (Mbattlefisher) since 140 characters may be easier on your eyes and the brain.

Keep me relevant with some follows: webpage:
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I am open to working on scholarship with like-minded policy and systems researchers.

Some of you have contacted me to work on other projects, That time can be now if you like.

I have some cool things on the horizon that I hope will continue to help me grow as a policy thought leader.

I hope that my readers of this blog have explored systems science for all that it has to offer.

This blog was self-realizing for me. I am grateful beyond words. I am not done…quite yet.

I am not deleting the blog. I am leaving it on as an archive.


Michele Battle-Fisher


About Michele Battle-Fisher

This is an archive of the Orgcomplexity Blog. Please follow me at the following sites: Michele Battle-Fisher (Facebook author page) mbattlefisher (Twitter) michele.battle.fisher (Skype) Author Website

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