New! Journal of Policy and Complex Systems (JPCS)

The Journal of Policy and Complex Systems (JPCS) has published its inaugural issue. The JCPS aims to promote professional and public understanding of the relationship between policy studies and complex systems thinking, evolving greater understanding and engagement. Through its publication, JPCS hopes to establish a venue for reporting results of exploring, developing, and evaluating policies using cutting edge computational approaches to policy research, including complexity theory, agent-based modeling/simulation, chaos theory, fractals, dynamical systems, and the science of networks. It also aims to establish a repository of data and systems developed through research efforts reported in the journal. It is the hope of the journal and all of those involved in its publication, to bring together a community of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary scholars to address common societal concerns, including social scientists, natural scientists, computational scientists, humanists, policy analysts, public administrators, and policy makers.

The first issue can be found at:

Mirsad Hadzikadic, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, Journal of Policy and Complex Systems
Professor, Department of Software and Information Systems
Director, Complex Systems Institute
Faculty Director, Health Informatics Professional Science Master’s
Director, Data Science and Business Analytics Professional Science Master’s
UNC Charlotte/SSST Program Director
College of Computing and Informatics / The Graduate School
343-A Woodward Hall
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223<;


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