On finding My Way- Thank you for a gangbuster “wonk” Year 1 for Orgcomplexity!

Many eons ago, I was once admonished that I should do and not think (exact words). I was told that Public Health was about doing. Well I guess all of my years working on the ground in public health has brought me to this impasse- I am a thinker that “does” policy.

I really did not know what would happen with Orgcomplexity when I started this on January 1, 2013. Starting Orgcomplexity was my New Year’s Resolution and I must admit that resolution has been my most successful ever. I purchased a web domain and a trade name for Orgcomplexity. I really had no idea what would really happen once this venture when live. I have always been writing and theorizing in spare notebooks and on paper napkins. Some ideas came from some really weird thought papers I had written in graduate school. Often I was unsure how these musings would translate to a research career.

I merely started using Orgcomplexity as a public experiment to test out think tanking.

So at the end of Year 1, the blog has gotten over 4000 views, some great contributors,  and a few hundred dedicated followers with NO marketing budget and a very hazy publicity plan.

Orgcomplexity is certainly not viral but it has been getting great traction for the strange angle that I am taking in policy. Orgcomplexity is not a household name in health policy along the Beltway by any stretch of the imagination (yet). I have been rebuilding my public policy network again! It is strange how being in academia kept me at a huge distance from policy wonks.

Academia helped me formulate my systems work. Orgcomplexity had brought back my fearlessness. I am back. I am grateful.

Thank you for discovering my site. I am venturing onto ScoopIt and have given up on Tumblr. Sorry my old self just cannot get into Twitter. I hope that my 2nd year “wonk” anniversary will be even more spectacular than Year 1! There are some great surprises in store.

Happy New Year,

Michele Battle-Fisher


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