Why Networks for Social Change? Curtis Ogden from IISC Blog

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“The biological sciences have revealed that all living things in an ecosystem are interconnected through networks of relationship; that is, they literally depend upon a web of life to survive and to thrive. On the social science front, we are also beginning to appreciate that groups, organizations and communities depend upon and function in distributed networks of relationship that go beyond contrived boundaries, formal roles, communications, or decision-making protocols. After all, we are a part of life!

This perspective is significant, as it moves us beyond what we as a society have long held as a predominantly mechanical, linear, and individualistic view of the world and ourselves. Embracing a network view of things invites us to consider not just individual elements but relationships between elements, embrace not just linear planning but emergence (new and unexpected phenomena emerging from interaction), and to wrestle with the complexity underlying social change and personal development.”



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