Post-doctoral position: Alcohol Policy and Systems Science

DESCRIPTION: This 18 month full-time post-doctoral position would entail working with the project PIs (James Macinko<>, Diana Silver<>, and Maurizio Porfiri<>) and joining a multidisciplinary research team (including faculty and staff from public health, public policy, health economics, engineering, and law) to advance the objectives of two NIH-funded grants that explore the evolution, diffusion, and impact of public policies on alcohol-related outcomes among US states. Project aims include: 1) characterization of trajectories of state health policy adoptions; 2) identification of factors associated with the evolution of state health policy diffusion over time; and 3) use of network-based models and econometric approaches to estimate the impact of combinations of state health laws on a range of alcohol-related outcomes. The postdoc would work at the interface between public health, public policy, and systems science, acting as the liaison between NYU’s public health and engineering research teams. Duties include data analysis (using our comprehensive legal databases as well as nationally-representative surveys such as the FARS, BRFSS, and the NHIS), publishing in the peer-reviewed literature, participating in seminars and work groups, and collaborating on grant applications. The position provides a full-time salary and benefits and would ideally begin September 1 2013, but a later start date is possible.
REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have a doctoral degree in public health, public policy, or a related field before the position’s start date. The candidate should have excellent quantitative skills, especially those related to analysis of longitudinal data. Knowledge of systems science approaches (e.g. complex adaptive systems, network analysis, agent-based modeling) is desired but not required. Applications will be assessed based on applicants’ demonstrated record of individual initiative in research, strong analytic skills, and potential to become an independent academic researcher. Preference will be given to applicants whose training, skills and research interest’s best align with those of project PIs.
HOW TO APPLY: Please send a letter describing your interest in the position, curriculum vita, and contact information for three individuals who are familiar with your academic accomplishments to: James Macinko, PhD <<>>Associate Professor of Public Health & Health Policy, New York University, 411 Lafayette Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10003.


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