SNA and other Summer School Courses in Manchester – June 2013

The University of Manchester is offering the following courses as part of our methods summer school in June. These may be of interest to your students, colleagues, and wider networks, particularly in the fields of social network analysis, data modelling, or practice-based research methods (in any discipline). Please circulate as appropriate, and thank you for your assistance.

The Manchester Methods Summer School will be held at the University of Manchester, UK, from June 17 -21, 2013. Registration will be closing shortly.

The courses would particularly suit researchers in humanities, health and life sciences, law, business studies, and those undertaking participatory, social, statistical or related research.  General information is available at or follow the course links below:

Introduction to social network analysis using UCINET and Netdraw<> – This is an introductory course, covering the concepts, methods and data analysis techniques of social network analysis.
Advanced methods for social network analysis<> – This course assumes basic statistical knowledge such as regression and familiarity with R together with a basic knowledge of social network analysis as given in the introductory course (see above).
Advanced Structural Equation Modelling and Generalized Latent Variable Modelling <> – This course introduces GLVM using the Mplus statistical package.
Hands-on, participatory and visual: Ketso as a research method <>  –  Ketso is a hands-on kit for creative engagement, developed by Dr. Joanne Tippett from her research at the University of Manchester.
Romani Studies<> –  This is an introductory course, covering the state of the art of current research into the history, social organisation, culture and recent political mobilisation of the Romani populations of Europe.

Emma Fraser | Project Administrator|
methods@manchester| CCSR |The University of Manchester|Humanities Bridgeford Street |Oxford Road
|Manchester| M13 9PL
t: 01612754917


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