NIH BSSR Call for System Scientist of the Month

Taken verbatim from the BSSR_Systems_Sci_L Digest 2 Feb 2013 to 9 Feb 2013 (#2013-5)

Dear BSSR-Systems Science Listserv members,
There is a chronic need for connecting people in this field to one another. As an additional way to do this, I have decided to add a regular feature on the listserv: System Scientist of the Week. I am open to other titles, so if you a suggestion, please send it.
The frequency of the feature may be more or less often than weekly and will depend three things: (1) the interest of the subscribers (you!) in reading the feature, (2) the amount of input I receive (i.e., nominations) and (3) the amount of time I have to review nominations.
If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for this feature please send me the information in the format requested below.  It is my hope that this new feature will enable us to become a more cohesive professional community by getting to know one another. I also hope that the people featured will be open to collaborating with others and that these posts will stimulate collaboration.
I expect to feature all kinds of people in this space. For example, I might feature an accomplished system scientist in one post, a person who has expertise in a topic area who is interested in collaborating with a systems scientist in another, and a doctoral candidate who is seeking a postdoc in systems science in a third.
To nominate someone, please fill in the template below and send to:<>
Subject line: Nomination for Systems Scientist of the Month
Full Name: John A. Doe
Job Title: post-doc
Institutional affiliation and Department:  XYZ Univeristy, Department of EFG
Mailing address: 123 Easy Street, College Town, USA
Email address:<>
1-3 paragraphs describing the persons professional training, interest in systems science, accomplishments. Fill in the description here.
Publications: include up to five references that showcase the nominees work. A presentation may be included in lieu of a publication.
Availability for Collaboration: state the types of people the nominee is looking to work with. For example, an obesity researcher might be seeking a system dynamics expert to help them develop a model to study relevant health policies and their impact on obesity prevalence. The more specific you can be here the better (up to a point). For example, you might state that the nominee has 10 years of annual follow up longitudinal data on adolescent’s physical activity, energy intake and height and weight.
Website: if available include a website where the readers can learn more about the person
Remember, self-nominations are encouraged!
Let me know what you think of this idea and if you have any suggestions for making it even better.
Patricia L. Mabry, Ph.D. (Patty)
Senior Advisor
Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
Office of the Director, NIH
31 Center Drive, Building 31, Room B1-C19; MSC 2027
Bethesda, MD  20892-2027
Phone:  (301) 402-1753

Followers of my blog- This is a great way to connect and get recognition but with over 300 followers and 600 views  as of Feb 17, 2013 on Orgcomplexity, make sure that you get involved here on Orgcomplexity as well. As of Feb 17, no System Scientist (sounds as if leaning toward “established” researchers, someone with “data”) bios have yet been shared on the BSSR listserv but it is still early in the call…



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