Call for Papers- Social Science and Medicine: One World, One Health- abstracts due by Feb. 28, 2013

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Social Science & Medicine: One
World, One Health? Social Science Engagements with One Medicine Agenda

Guest Editors:

Professor Steve Hinchliffe, College of Life and Environmental Sciences,
University of Exeter, UK

Professor Susan Craddock, Institute for Global Studies, University of
Minnesota, USA

The editors of this proposed Social Science & Medicine special issue invite
papers which speak specifically, though broadly, to the issue of one world
one health, one medicine and related concepts.

In an era of global connectivity, emerging infectious diseases and
zoonoses, with HIV/AIDS, SARS, Avian Influenza and Swine flu fresh in
people’s minds, it has become common to seek convergence between previously
separate spheres of action governing human, animal and ecosystem health. A
single bio-communicable planet requires greater cooperation, coordination
and inter-disciplinarity.

The one world–one health concept has sought, since its inception, to draw
together expertise in public and animal health in order to overcome long
established compartmentalisations of expertise, investment and action.
Absent, though, from the start was a significant social science component,
and this themed issue asks how social science and related scholarship can
engage with the one health concept’s aim of enhancing global health through
joined up human, animal and eco-system health initiatives.

Papers can be empirically based, policy evaluations and/or theoretical
engagements with the one world concept. However, all papers should offer
clear social science insights into the production and delivery of health
through a one world lens and follow the same requirements as all other
Social Science & Medicine papers (

Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Framing the one-health programme
2. Understanding emergence and emergency
3. Spatial multiplicity
4. Whose health?
Authors are invited at this stage to submit abstracts only, by email,
directly to the Guest Editors by 28th February 2013.


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